The U.S. and Japan are playing with fire in Asia

                                        The US and Japan, both with profound interests in the Asia-Pacific region, will benefit nothing from stirring up trouble here.

                                        China – a power for peace and development

                                        It is an undeniable fact that China, while achieving great success developing itself, has made significant contribution to regional and international development.

                                        Border issue may still poison Sino-India Ties

                                        The Henderson Brooks Report is an investigative report compiled by the Indian government examining the country's defeat in the 1962 border war with China.

                                        China to follow specific national security strategy

                                        Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday pledged a path with Chinese characteristics to ensure the country's national security, urging efforts to adhere to an "overall national security outlook".

                                        Why Boao forum attracts worldwide attention

                                        The Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) annual conference 2014 opened on April 8 under the theme of "Asia's New Future: Identifying New Growth Driver".

                                        China enters a new era of consumption

                                        China is expected to see a boost in household consumption from today's 35 percent of GDP to between 45 and 50 percent by 2020.

                                        Solid foundations of Sino-Indian relationship critical in turbulent times

                                        Sino-Indian relations have been attracting international attention in recent years.

                                        Where is US diplomacy going?

                                        China Voice: China economy needs no stimulus

                                        China's economy is going to steer clear of the familiar path resorting to a stimulus whenever there is a sign of a slowdown.

                                        Philippines push for arbitration is doomed to failure

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